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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jim Watkins is the Anti-Johnny is the Jordan Hawkman is Jim Watkins

TJ Waconia fraudsters say goodbye to family after federal sentencing

Jim Watkins fled the state of Minnesota and sought shelter in Texas. It is not known why Texas, it is not known with who or where exactly he lives in Texas, nor does it matter. The fact is he is in DFW area and he is promoting himself as a real estate investor and mentor. Anyone notice lots of blogging about houses? The purchasing and selling of, the valuations of, the borrowing against,the subsidizing of... yup, real estate might be the only topic Jim Watkins-Anti-Johnny-Jordan Hawkman can dissect.  NOT that everything he has written has been truthful and accurate. He just puts so much up there to make it look like it must be real.

Here's the back story of how Jim Watkins became "The Anti-Johnny"....

Photos found on JNS blog

Jim Watkins has two friends who are currently taking a federally subsidized vacation. For many, many years. Yes, they are in federal prison. One prisoner, Thomas Balko, is the self-proclaimed good, close buddy to Jim Watkins. The other prisoner, Jon Helgason, is apparently, according to Jim Watkins, less of a friend and more of just a business associate and acquaintance. These two guys had a company called TJ Waconia and were found guilty of boat loads of real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, investment fraud, whatever kind of fraud you want to call it involving houses, real estate transactions and defrauding investors.

TJ Waconia and the fraudsters Thomas Balko and Jon Helgason were a high profile case, getting lots of media attention and involved lots of victims in various victim forms. There is a blog for the victims to announce, communicate and interact with each other. Jim Watkins got into the habit of participating in this victims' blog, commenting, arguing, in general making a spectacle of himself.  (Sound familiar? Anything to get some attention, right?)  Apparently in defense of his mortgage fraudster buddies, what a nice, loyal friend, huh? Every criminal should have such loyal friends, don't ya think?

So on that blog--and another blog called Behind The Mortgage Dot Com--Jim Watkins began a cyber war with another blog participant who eventually dubbed himself Johnny Northside and Johnny Northside ended up starting his own blog, to write about his own neighborhood issues, stories, people, criminals, heroes, etc. This newly born blog was NOT dedicated to Jim Watkins, TJ Waconia, Balko or Helgason. However, Jim Watkins apparently felt the need to continue this cyber war with the new blogger Johnny Northside. A little obsessed with Johnny, I guess.

Now, almost two three years later, Jim Watkins the so-called "DFW Mentor" continues to stalk and harass Johnny Northside and has now grown his obsession to stalking and harassing the friends and girlfriend of John Hoff, aka Johnny Northside. He has spread his cyber stalking to other Minneapolis focused websites.  For a period of time, the Minneapolis Mirror and IBNN News were assisting with the hate and harassment, each with their own reasons (note neither Jim Watkins, Minneapolis Mirror owner Terry Yzaguirre nor IBNN News owner Don Allen live in North Minneapolis).  Jim Watkins has joined Minneapolis based message boards. He has joined alliances with the ugly underbelly malcontents of the local Minneapolis political and activist scene. All in the name of his obsession with blogger Johnny. He has done all this from Texas. The DFW area where he promotes himself as a real estate investor and mentor called the "DFW Mentor." (GOOGLE it!)

Why is Jim Watkins so obsessed with this blogger guy Johnny? Heck, even some of the bizarre blog posts and comments that the "Anti-Johnny" has written have a bizarre and creepy sexual innuendos and connotations to them.

Why is Jim Watkins still interfering with the Minneapolis neighborhoods where his close friends already defrauded millions in real estate investments? Why does Jim Watkins even waste his energy years later? These are all good questions. Some of them we can provide info and answers however some we can only ponder.

Jim Watkins = The Anti-Johnny = The Jordan Hawkman