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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prison Authorities Alerted to Watkins Harassment

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The back story is that John Hoff grew tired of the constant harassment by text, by email, by comments submitted to the Johnny Northside blog, by targeting his own friends and family. Not to mention it extremely bothered him that the TJ Waconia fraudsters who had wreaked havoc on North Minneapolis hugely contributing to a debilitating foreclosure crisis, had resorted to harassing the people that spoke out against their mortgage fraud and criminal activities.  It was clear Jim Watkins was acting on behalf of his good buddies, either by direct order, or by his own initiative and his own self-declared mission to "ruin" John Hoff.

So Hoff figured the prison authorities and parole board would be interested to see what was going on after the TJ Waconia fraudsters were incarcerated.  Did the harassment and stalking of northside activists by the good friend and former employee of TJ Waconia really show remorse for their crimes? Does it show incarcerated prisoners reaching out through the very bars of steel that surround them?

First a short, sweet note straight to the fraudsters themselves. A bit later, a more lengthy explanation of why it is in their best interest for Jim Watkins to *not* be showing such disdain for the people left to live amongst the crime scene of the TJ Waconia fraudsters.  Good Behavior = Early Release.  Documented harassment of neighborhood activists committed by former TJ Waconia employee and self-declared best friend = Not Good Behavior.

When the prison postcards and letters were received by the TJ Waconia fraudsters, Jim Watkins was not happy. Text messages came flying in.  Angry messages came via comments submitted to blogs.  Increased blog postings and made up troll voices on comment threads.  He even wrote about it himself.

Hoff took his remedy to the next level. He alerted the Duluth Federal Prison Authorities to Jim Watkins 2+ years targeting of him and others that was quickly turning into harassment and stalking, and expanding to anyone who seemed to associate with John.  How can convicted criminals be allowed to have this sort of reach into the lives of people who spoke out publicly about their crimes and the impact it left on their very own neighborhood?

Prison authorities wrote back words to the effect of "your concern is valid and you should contact these involved authorities."

(Sorry for the cryptic summary, but it's best not to disclose too much info publicly)