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Sunday, August 22, 2010

There Aren't Enough Hater Blogs For the Amount of Jim Watkins' Hate and Obsession

Jim Watkins, Anti-Johnny, Jordan Hawkman, DFW Mentor
 Jim Watkins has dedicated an entire blog, no, two entire blogs,  wait! THREE entire blogs to bashing, trashing and stalking a guy (and his friends) who live across the country from him.

Wait, first, where does Jim Watkins live? That's a good question.  And it's not anywhere near North Minneapolis.  It appears he lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. He has another self-proclaimed moniker aside from "the anti-johnny". He also refers to himself as the "DFW Mentor." He self-proclaims to be a real estate mentor. This is a whole different episode of The Anti-Johnny =  The Jordan Hawkman = Jim Watkins.

Well, why so many hate blogs?  Another good question. The first one came from his obsession with John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and grew out of all the attention that John was getting on the internet on his own blog.  Jim Watkins dubbed himself the Anti-Johnny and tried to ride the coattails to get a little internet attention and be a thorn in the side of John Hoff.  This was the first example of the many instances of copycatting that Jim Watkins will continue to create.  He copied Johnny Northside's blog almost identically.  He copied the url as close as he could.  He rode that pony hard and set out on a mission of harassment, stalking and lies, all to fill his need for attention and get "revenge" (He admits it! We'll show you the many messages in which he admits it!)

He wasn't getting much attention, so he intensified. He blogged more, he created conspiracy theories of "special treatment" and political favors, despite the fact that he has zero involvement or inside information of the political winds here in North Minneapolis.  He saw John blogging about successful (read 'winning elections') politicians.  He saw John getting accolades in other media.  He saw examples of John's writing getting picked up, redistributed, or further elaborated on in other places.  John was getting a large following and a lot of attention.  He was not creating the effect he wanted, ruining John Hoff wasn't working, but this isn't surprising since nothing this man, Jim Watkins, does is very successful(Sorry for the link heavy text, but where else am I supposed to put all these examples of unsuccess?)

For some unknown reason, probably technical, or maybe not, he created a second Anti-Johnny site.  Perhaps he thought blogger would take his misadventures site down because it too closely mimicked someone else's intellectual property. Who knows. But he didn't do much with that second Anti-Johnny site. Just a few more cleverly spun conspiracy theories. Mostly just regurgitating what he'd already put up elsewhere.

He became connected with a small handful of other Minneapolis malcontents. For example, during the 2009 Minneapolis city council campaign season, he reached out to loser candidate Lennie Chism, you know, the convicted woman abuser.  He connected with a few other blogger-journalists who also spew out conspiracy theories and espouse their severe discontent with local politicians, such as the ones who keeping winning elections.  It's pretty coincidental how the other crazy malcontents that teamed up with the Anti-Johnny were also tied to fraudsters and nefarious people that also enjoyed a starring role on Johnny Northside Dot Com.  Birds of a feather....

So now Anti-Johnny has some local help to expand his harassment. Pictures. Local flavor to spice up his rantings.  Assistance with creating the illusion that this is real.  That there is some big push to ruin Johnny Northside and pals.  (Well, okay, there is.  The fraudsters, sex offenders, thug-huggers, slumlords and disenfranchised also-rans would REALLY like JNS to shut up, already!) 

So why the third Anti-Johnny hater site? That's easy to answer. Alerting  the prison authorities to Jim Watkins hate and obsession caused him to go under the radar. Anonymous and Unidentified. How Convenient.

*Continued in subsequent posts*