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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things That Make Ya Go Hmmmm

Jim Watkins
 On the internet there is an endless supply of TJ Waconia blatherings.  Articles.  Forums.  Blogs.  Comment threads.  On and on and on.  Many of these suggest the thought that the TJ Waconia fraudsters disposed of cash and assets and socked away money to enjoy the good life after they did their measly little seven (Balko, anticipated release 7-2-2015) and eight (Helgason, anticipated release 5-15-2016) years.

So, let's think about this...

Jim Watkins is self-declared best friend of Thomas Balko and documented former employee of TJ Waconia.

Jim Watkins has done a bang-up job of carrying on the defense and sticking up for his buddy and former bosses.  Even three years letter he's still lettin' 'er rip! Here, Johnny Northside even writes about how Watkins desperately tries to recruit him to help write a book about how TJ Waconia prosecution was just a political axe to grind.  Just think of it, John Hoff is already a published writer.  We all know how well John writes.  Wouldn't it be great to recruit him into that task, defend the fraudsters all the way to a published book and soak up all the glory.  I'm thinking book tour.

Some say TJ Waconia fraudsters have *possibly* stashed away some cash and hidden some assets for those glorious twenty-teen years.

Anybody catch my drift???? *You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours*

I can just hear it now... "Tom, buddy, pal, ya know I never did forget you. I went after your detractors every day.  I never let them forget that they said mean things about you. I made their lives hell, I photoshopped every picture I could find.  I stuck up for you and even for that no good friend of yours Jon. I mean, I know Jon's handsome and all that, but, I'm the one who sent you a postcard every day, Tom." 

Me thinks someone is not as dumb as he might sound in all those endless made-up comment voices.  Hmmm, maybe I should suck up to Anti-Johnny-Jordan-Hawkman-Jim-Watkins??? Thinking....thinking....

But in all seriousness, it really makes ya wonder why this guy can't let it go almost three years later.  The amount of time and effort put into the thousands and thousands of made-up voice comments on half a dozen blogs really could advance his life forward in a big way, if he just applied himself. 

Jim, let it go. Move on.  Before you end up in trouble.  Word is US Attorneys aren't done with the TJ crew.